Comfort Inn & Suites

Location: Virginia

Units: 60


This Comfort Inn & Suites is ideally located off a major US Highway in Virginia.  The facility is a three-story structure consisting of a spacious lobby, breakfast rooms, as well as, an indoor pool, all of which is situated on +/- 2.00 acres of land with excellent upside potential for a focused operator and close proximity to several leisure demand generators.

Physical Features: 

  1. Interior Corridor
  2. Three Story
  3. Indoor Pool
  4. +/- 2.00 acres of land (fee simple)
  5. Spacious lobby and breakfast room

Investment Considerations:

  1. Located within close proximity to several leisure, commercial, and educational demand generators
  2. The property has recovered nicely form the Covid-19 pandemic and continues to show upward trending room sales
  3. Excellent physical plant